Amazon Prime Air Delivers Packages To Your Doorstep By Drones

Amazon Prime Air Drone

Online retailer, Amazon, already has a wide variety of convenient delivery options. With the introduction of Amazon Prime Air, the company will greatly reduce it’s delivery time from days to a matter of minutes.

The “octicopter” drone is expected to be used for delivery to customers by 2015. Currently the drone was unveiled on the 60 Minutes show by Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, to promote the website’s popularity in time for Cyber Monday. The autonomous drone will revolutionize online shipping and change our expectations of a “speedy delivery”.

The working of the drone delivery system is simple. As soon as you place an order, the closest warehouse (within 10 miles) will attach your package to a drone, program your address and send it off. The drone can carry a maximum weight of 5 pounds, which means it can cater to about 80 percent of current Amazon orders.

The main obstacle for the Amazon Prime Air are the safety regulations which have yet to be made by America’s Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA does not currently have any rules or regulations related to commercially operated drones and plans to have them laid out by 2015.


Till then Amazon has plenty of time to work out all the bugs and fully refine it’s game-changing delivery service. A delivery system that surpasses all it’s current competitors will certainly be worth the wait.Check out more details on amazon here

The video below shows the drone’s impressive performance.

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  1. desbest Reply

    Amazon Drones are silly, because how is the drone going to knock the door and push things into the mailbox?

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