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Amazon Launches Echo Speaker, A Smart Personal Assistant

Amazon Echo Speaker that Can Execute Voice Commands3

Amazon is again on the front news with a $200 smart speaker that is capable of listening to and following the commands of the owner. The speaker is known as Echo and can perform a variety of tasks ranging from playing music to reading out diary and announcing the weather for the day.Amazon Echo Speaker that Can Execute Voice Commands

The firm has unveiled the speaker via a single tweet and the users are allowed to ask for an invite to purchase one today. The gadget has a height of 9 inches and doubles as an artificial intelligence assistant while sporting a high quality speaker.

It can carry out tasks by registering commands such as ‘Play Music The Beatles’ or ‘add Coffee to my shopping list’. Amazon says that the device is capable of taking help from Internet when it comes to answering questions such as ‘when is Halloween’ or ‘what is the weather forecast’.

Amazon has also stated that the speaker, which runs on Amazon Web Services, is capable of learning the user’s preferences and speech patterns. Users can wake up the speaker by saying ‘Alexa’. Afterwards users can add Amazon Echo commands or questions and can stream music web services wirlessly such as Spotify, iTunes and Pandora by making use of their smartphones.

The speaker costs $199 and for members of the Amazon Prime Loyalty Scheme the speaker will cost $99. The speaker is available on the invitation basis in the coming weeks. Check out the video below for more details:

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