Amazon Employees Have Already Started Using ChatGPT – In A Variety Of Surprising Ways


ChatGPT’s vast potential as a work assistant is becoming clear to Amazon employees.

According to internal Slack communications obtained by Insider, ChatGPT has been employed in various job roles at Amazon. Amazon employees may be using ChatGPT for a variety of tasks, such as customer service, content generation, and data analysis. For example, they might use the model to generate responses to frequently asked customer questions or to analyze customer feedback and identify common themes. Additionally, Amazon may use the model to generate product descriptions or to assist with data entry and analysis.

According to an employee in the Amazon Web Services cloud unit’s Slack channel, the company has organized a small working group to better study the impact of AI on its business. This team discovered that ChatGPT does a “very good job” of responding to AWS customer support questions, as most answers are based on publicly available information. The AI tool was also “excellent” at developing training materials and “extremely powerful” at answering business strategy queries.

Additionally, this employee stated on Slack that ChatGPT was “excellent” in writing a troubleshooting guide for AWS Aurora database developers and answering “tough” support issues. It was also able to “identify the ambitions of the customer’s 

According to Bender of the University of Washington, the increasing use of ChatGPT at work raises severe concerns about how OpenAI intends to exploit content shared with AI technologies.

According to OpenAI’s terms of service, users must accept that OpenAI may use all input and output generated by users and ChatGPT. It was also said that OpenAI erased any personally identifying information (PII) from the data that it used. However, given ChatGPT’s quickly rising scale, which topped 1 million users within a week of its inception, Bender believes it is difficult for OpenAI to identify and erase all personal information. Furthermore, a company’s intellectual property may be excluded from the definition of PII.

Data privacy appears to be the least of Amazon’s employees’ concerns. They claim that using chatbots at work has increased productivity by a factor of ten, and many hope to join an internal team building a comparable service.


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