Amazing Video Shows A Cybertruck Towing A Starship In Texas

A remarkable scene unfolded at SpaceX’s Starbase in Texas, resembling a scene straight out of a science fiction movie directed by Elon Musk himself. This intriguing event was captured on camera by the Starship Gazer YouTube channel, offering viewers a glimpse of a Tesla Cybertruck towing an enormous rocket engine on a trailer.

The video’s description reveals that the all-electric pickup was towing a Starship Raptor Vacuum engine, a component known to weigh approximately 3,500 pounds in its standard Raptor 2 version. This peculiar sight raised questions about the purpose and capability of the Cybertruck in a real-world scenario.

As for the Cybertruck itself, it remains uncertain whether this particular vehicle is one of the pre-production release candidate (RC) units or part of the “manufacturing confirmation” batch, which represents a crucial step before mass production can commence.

However, viewers could spot several distinctive features on the Cybertruck, including patented black wheel covers, initially introduced in the 2019 prototype and famous for an unexpected “flight” on a California freeway.

Additionally, the rear full-width LED light bar, triangular side mirrors, and a massive single wiper were clearly visible. Unfortunately, due to camera angles, the license plate remained obscured, leaving the question of its official status unanswered.

What makes this occurrence particularly intriguing is that it appears to be the first documented instance of a Cybertruck being used to tow a SpaceX rocket engine. Previously, the yet-to-be-delivered all-electric pickup was seen towing various trailers on the roads of North America and New Zealand, but none as substantial as a Raptor engine.

Tesla’s official website claims that the Cybertruck is capable of towing loads exceeding 14,000 pounds, making the estimated 3,500-pound engine seem like a relatively light load for this utilitarian electric vehicle.

However, it’s essential to note that Tesla’s Cybertruck page on their website still primarily displays images of the concept vehicle, leaving enthusiasts and potential buyers eagerly anticipating the capabilities of the production version.

As always, the video has sparked discussions and debates among viewers. It serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the evolving world of electric vehicles, space exploration, and the visionary projects of Elon Musk and his companies. Observers and fans alike eagerly await further developments and insights into the capabilities of the Tesla Cybertruck and its role in these groundbreaking endeavors.

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