This Amazing Phone Case Will Do Everything Your Phone Can’t

Your phone is quite a powerful machine that is capable of performing numerous functions. But it still can’t do a lot of things like attaching itself to the wall, fixing on your wallet, or carrying a bottle opener. Megaverse has recently created an anti-gravity phone case with nano-suction technology. With this technology, your phone can use suction to stick to just about anything like windows, mirrors, whiteboards, metals, cabinets, tiles, and dashboards. Besides this, it can also be used to stick other stuff on it to carry it with you, or maybe take hands-free selfies whenever and wherever you feel like!
Picture Credits: megatinycorp
Picture Credits: megatinycorp
Megaverse surpassed its funding target of $20,000 in an Indiegogo campaign where it was launched. This anti-gravity phone case comes with swappable back plates and features four different colors; gold, rose gold, space gray, and black; the aesthetics are not bad either!
Although the casing is originally designed for iPhone 7/6 and iPhone 7/6 Plus, Megaverse states that you can still use the nano section plates with any other phone of comparable size. Millions of little suction craters hold your phone firmly in place, while its sticky back case allows you to push your phone onto any smooth or flat surface.
Picture Credits: megatinycorp

There are no restrictions on the type of material that it can stick on, particularly due to the self-healing and temperature resistant properties of the nano suction plate.

The Megaverse makers explain the motivation behind this product by stating in their Indiegogo campaign,

“We’re tinkerers at heart and our days are a stream of ideas we can’t shake. We see the world as an endless opportunity to make things a little better.”

Would you like to buy this fantastic phone case that is capable of such diverse applications? Let us know in the comments’ section below!

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