Amazing FPV Footage Shows A Drone Getting Kidnapped By An Eagle

Eagles and drones are an unlikely pair, yet the internet has seen a surge of awe-inspiring videos where these majestic birds of prey showcase their remarkable predatory skills. One such video recently made waves on the r/Drones subreddit, and it’s a testament to the incredible power and agility of eagles.

The video, filmed by Utah photographer Adam Culbertson and shared on his @atomic_adventure Instagram account, begins with the drone gracefully gliding through the stunning landscapes near Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. Like many of Culbertson’s drone captures, it offers a breathtaking view of ancient rock formations. However, around a minute into the footage, the tranquility of the drone’s flight is abruptly disrupted. The edge of an eagle’s wing suddenly appears, and viewers soon catch glimpses of the bird’s head, beak, wings, and underbelly.

Highlighting the true nature of “birds of prey,” the absence of the bird’s initial approach captured by the drone’s camera only adds to the awe. It’s a poignant reminder that these remarkable creatures embody predatory behavior with their mastery of stealth and precision.

Culbertson had given up on finding the snatched drone and conceded in a comment. He shared, “Yeah, I threw in the towel. The bird was clocking in at over 40mph and was a good distance away before I lost contact. I frequently venture out into the wilderness, and it’s plausible the drone is resting in one of the most impenetrable regions in Utah. The company in charge of the missing drone, DJI, supplied a replacement to the relieved owner. A “flyaway,” which refers to a drone vanishing due to uncontrollable circumstances, was the reason for the unexpected loss.

There are a ton of videos on the internet showing eagles catching drones, so this is by no means an isolated incidence. Some Redditors have hilariously suggested that tech corporations may be “paying the birds of prey” in secret for viral marketing. Even while these kinds of meetings happen frequently, Culbertson’s movie is a particularly striking illustration of how susceptible our technology can be to the unadulterated force of nature.

The video is a striking reminder that, in the realm of wildlife versus technology, nature often prevails. It’s a testament to the incredible skills and prowess of eagles, capturing a moment where the ancient and the modern worlds collide in a spectacular and unexpected way.

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