Amateur Photographer Captures The Incredible Moment When Starlink Satellites Launched Over Netherlands

Marco Langbroek Captured A Video Of Starlink Satellites

The new satellites by SpaceX, Starlinks, have already been featured recently. It was to celebrate their successful launch. However, the people of the Netherland were able to enjoy an amazing view when the large group of Starlinks started to separate from one another and fan out in orbit. Luckily, Marco Langbroek was able to save it for all of us!

Marco Langbroek Captured A Video Of Starlink Satellites

Marco Langbroek was able to capture a video of this amazing sight; countless Starlinks, fanning out. The video shows a streak of satellites that speeds through the sky at a speed of 16,000 mph at the height of more than 260 miles above the surface of the Earth. The satellites were successfully launched using a Falcon 9 rocket following a delay of two weeks.

The sixty Starlink satellites are part of a much larger plan of Elon Musk to put a number of Starlink satellites in the Earth’s orbit. The ultimate goal is to be achieved by carrying out more launches that are similar to this one and to bring the total number of Starlink satellites to 11,000 by the middle of the next decade.

Marco Langbroek Captured A Video Of Starlink Satellites

SpaceX is doing this in order to provide people of the Earth with high-speed Internet that is based on satellite. SpaceX is not the only company; a number of other companies including Facebook have plans of bringing the Internet to all over the world. Each company has a different approach as to how to accomplish this, but SpaceX has opted for launching satellites into space that will orbit the Earth and thus create a network that is capable of providing high-speed Internet to all over the world.

You can check out the video by Marco Langbroek below. Do share it with your friends and family member, and do let us know what you think of this amazing sight and what are your thoughts on the Starlink satellite program that SpaceX is carrying out.

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