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Almost Exactly One Year After The Ever Given Blocked Suez, Another Evergreen Ship Has Gotten Stuck In The U.S

Deja Vu: Evergreen Container Ship Grounded Again

Another Evergreen Marine Corp ship became stranded in the Chesapeake Bay, a year after the Ever Given cargo ship choked the Suez Canal.

According to sources, the ship Ever Forward became stranded after departing from the port of Baltimore on Sunday night. At the time, the ship was en route to Norfolk, Virginia.

According to CBS Baltimore, the US Coast Guard stated that it was unaware of what caused the ship to run aground but that no injuries or damage to the vessel had been recorded. The ship is presently in around 25 feet of water. Fortunately, it is not blocking the channel.

The Ever Forward is a Hong Kong-flagged vessel measuring 1,096 feet in length. It, too, is owned by Evergreen Marine Corp, as is the 1,312-foot-long Ever Given. The ship’s navigation status was described as “aground” on the ship-tracking website Vessel Finder, with its location still listed as being many miles away from Baltimore’s harbour.

According to the reports, the coast guard does not yet have a timetable for re-floating the ship.

“Everything like this is kind of its own beast,” Steven Lehmann, a coast guard petty officer, told the outlet.

According to reports, ships in the region have been advised to slow down around the stranded Ever Forward.

The Ever Forward became aground on March 23, nearly a year after the Ever Given became stuck in the Suez Canal. The catastrophe threw the world’s supply network into complete shambles, with the Ever Given causing a blockage of almost 400 ships.

Due to the obvious blockage, several ships abandoned the Suez Canal route entirely and took a massive detour around Africa’s southern coast. It took nearly a week of dredging and drilling to free the enormous Ever Given. For months, the event prompted Egyptian officials to seize and hold the Ever Given on April 13, 2021.

The Ever Given landed in Rotterdam on July 29 with almost 20,000 containers on board, 106 days after becoming entangled in the river. The Ever Given has passed through the Suez Canal on subsequent times without becoming trapped.