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Allo Is Google’s New Powerful Messaging App

All google messaging app3

It has been long rumored that Google would try to get in the business of messaging apps like Whatsapp and Hangouts, and it has finally been proven true with the new Allo, a powerful app that is so Google in its ways. The app is powered by the much-hyped new AI bot called Google Assistant and extensively uses the tech company’s knowledge graph. You just need to provide your Google account, and phone number and you are good to go.

The company has put in a lot of effort in this app and has added easy-to-use features like the all-new volume control method as well as the rare ability to “Shout” messages. Another fantastic feature sees Google’s cool new image recognition technology at work. If you take a picture of a car, then image processing will analyze it and populate you with possible responses since it recognizes it is an image of a car. So, Allo does take over a large part of the messaging away from you.

You can also message @google and use all the power of the Google’s powerful search engine as well as its amazing knowledge graph that we have gotten quite used to in recent years. Allo also boasts an all new incognito system in which you can encrypt your messages end-to-end just like Whatsapp is offering now as well. The encryption isn’t available by default too. Thank you, Edward Snowden. Now it will at least be difficult if not impossible for government goons to sneak up on your messages. So, who will win the encryption wars? My money is on Google but can it produce the same user-friendly atmosphere like Whatsapp? That surely is a big question mark on Allo.

The app will also be available on both iOS and Android phones, so Google is making aggressive advances to conquer your iPhones as well. But, we still aren’t sure about the app as Google seems a little confused about it as a whole. Is it an automated reply system more than The Next messaging app? We will see how it goes, but I am trying it for sure!