All You Need To Know About Facing Bricks

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The primary material that is used to construct the front side of any building is facing bricks. These types of bricks are produced with the sole purpose of making the building visible. These materials also help to increase the overall aesthetic appeal along with looking pleasing to the eyes. 

Moreover, using facing bricks also comes with loads of benefits besides being improving the aesthetic appeal to the property.

What is Facing Bricks?

As the name suggests, these bricks are used on the frontal side of the building. These bricks comprise the exterior side of a building for increasing the overall aesthetic appeal and design. Furthermore, these types of bricks are comparatively different from the bricks that are used in structural bricks. However, facing bricks are produced from various kinds of materials. 

Types of Facing Bricks

Facing bricks comes with different options based upon their color, texture, style, and designs. However, all these types of face bricks are further customized depending upon the customer’s choice and specifications. Check out this link for more details

  • Extruded Bricks – The use of extruded bricks are growing at a rapid pace over the last few decades. The reason for this is that these face bricks are modern, stylish, and are available in dozens of designs. Moreover, these bricks comprise uniformity in shape instead of soft mud bricks or handmade bricks. 

Another benefit of using extruded bricks is that they have a variety of texture options such as glazed, rustication, drag wired, and sanded. 

  • Stock bricks – The stock bricks are also known as soft mud bricks. Moreover, the manufacturer uses the oldest technique for producing these types of bricks. Also, stock bricks are produced using the water-struck process or sand-struck process. 
  • Arch bricks – The use of arch bricks is primarily for increasing the aesthetics of arch units. Moreover, these types of bricks are always in high demand because of their they are used greatly in windows and doorways. Furthermore, these bricks are also produced for completing various arch details. 

These bricks are available in semi-circular, segmental to flat gauged, and soldier profiles. 

  • Engineered Bricks – The primary objective of producing engineered bricks is to offer a better technical performance of the building. This is why these bricks are used to increase the physical strength of the building rather than improving the aesthetic appeal. Engineered bricks boast high compressive strength along with great water absorption qualities. 

How to choose a Face Brick?

  • Bond Patterns – While choosing a face brick it becomes extremely important to pay attention to the bonding pattern of bricks. Bonding patterns make the building structurally strong. Moreover, you should consider load distribution along with the laying of bricks for picking the right one for you.

Mortars – you need to ensure the correct mortar for the brick that you choose. This allows natural emission along with increased aesthetic appearance. You can even customize it according to your needs.

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