All Teslas In The U.S. Are Now Going To Get A Month-Long Trial Of FSD

Recently, Tesla made a significant news that will no doubt thrill many owners and aficionados. All Tesla vehicles in the US will be eligible for a one-month trial of Full Self-Driving (FSD) starting this week. As part of Tesla’s continuous efforts to enhance and broaden its autonomous driving features, this trial will offer drivers a taste of the technology that will be available in cars in the future.

The experiment is taking place concurrently with the release of Tesla’s much awaited FSD Beta v12 software, which CEO Elon Musk has called “mind-blowing.” The latest version of Tesla’s learning algorithm features major backend enhancements that utilize “end-to-end neural nets” to enhance decision-making by utilizing the copious amounts of driving data that Tesla has gathered.

Despite these advancements, it’s important to note that FSD is currently classified as a “Level 2” system, meaning the driver is still responsible for the vehicle’s operation. However, Tesla has reiterated its goal of achieving full Level 5 autonomy, where the car can operate without human intervention, in the future.

One of the main hurdles for widespread adoption of FSD has been its cost, currently priced at $12,000. To address this, Tesla offers a subscription model for $199 per month, but uptake has been relatively low. To encourage more drivers to experience FSD, Tesla has previously offered temporary trials, including 3-month trials as sales incentives and 30-day trials of Enhanced Autopilot.

This latest move to offer a one-month trial to all US Tesla owners is a bold step towards democratizing access to its advanced autonomous driving technology. However, questions remain about whether older vehicles with previous hardware revisions will receive the update.

According to Tesla, all vehicles manufactured after October 2016 have the hardware needed for FSD; nonetheless, some owners have had to pay extra for hardware modifications in order to activate the technology. Notwithstanding these obstacles, Tesla has shown its commitment to innovation in the automotive sector by working to advance FSD technology and providing client trials.

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