Almost All Stingrays At Tampa Zoo Have Died Mysteriously At The Same Time

Researchers are finding the reasons for mysterious death through investigations.

All of the stingrays of different kinds were held in one tank, which proved sufficient enough for their peaceful life. And the next day you find all of them dead, with the results of the early investigation stating that the tank was perfect in its operations.

Seven Cownose stingrays, four Southern stingrays, and an Atlantic stingray were held in the tank, as per the Creative Loafing Tampa Bay.

Stingrays are Cartilaginous fish and relate to the shark family, hence it is asked by the curious ones if it is dangerous or not? The answer is yes, but nowhere near to the risks that actual sharks put us humans to. In the known history, there are a few cases of fatal stingrays attacks. Just so you know, the term fatal here could only be used for the deadly species of the stingray fish. However, attacks from non-fatal species are pretty frequent, although they don’t attack until a swimmer disturbs them, or makes them feel threatened, even if do not knowingly.

These attributes along with the fact that the fish is not so common and isn’t found in every zoo, made the zoo visitors mark a check on paying a special visit to the tank.

Zoo made public news of the dozen mysterious deaths of Stingrays upon finding out of the unfortunate event. They said investigations commenced soon after all the aquatic creatures were found dead in their Stingray Bay Exhibit.

“It’s with heavy hearts we share that today ZooTampa lost 12 residents of Stingray Bay,” the zoo said in a Facebook post. 

Up until now, the Zoo administration is saying the matter is as mysterious to them as it is to the rest of the world, they simply don’t know how it happened that one of their zoo’s attraction point lost all of the key players, despite everything being in order.

 “The animal care and veterinary teams are examining all of the mechanical equipment involved and testing the water, all of which indicate optimal water quality and conditions,” the zoo’s statement said. 

Authorities are saying it might take a little longer than two weeks to find out answers on the unfortunate demise of all the Stingrays.

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