‘Alien’ Movie Fan Recreates Famous Spaceship Sites In His Apartment

A forever fan of the ‘Alien’ franchise has spent three years changing a Barcelona apartment into a complete replica of the Nostromo spaceship interior portrayed in Ridley Scott’s original ‘Alien’ film.

Luis Nostromo is a 43-year-old man who watched Alien in his childhood, and although at that time he found it frightening, he still fell in love with it.

The man from Barcelona had been collecting Alien memorabilia from the last two decades. He then used the last three years to create his own Alien museum in his apartment, recreating famous locations from the movie. Today he has almost finished his project, and it looks wonderful.

Entering Luis’ apartment, it is hard to fathom that you’re not in an actual spaceship but a Barcelona apartment. The famous laboratory was first the infamous ‘chest buster scene,’ the escape pod Ripley uses to leave Nostromo, and the corridors are all reanimated by this Spanish Alien fan.

As space was not enough, he ended up moving everything there and replicated the film set. “I wanted to make it special,” he was quoted as saying.

Subsequently, after three years of being engaged in his special project, Luis Nostromo feels that his dream came true. He plans to put the finishing touches on it by the end of this year, but in my opinion, it looks fantastic even now.

No word yet on whether he plans to turn the place into a tourist attraction, but he is reportedly accepting visits from other Alien fans who contact him via social media. So if you’re even in Barcelona and would like to visit the Nostromo, you know who to contact.

He is undecided about whether he wants to turn his apartment into a sightseeing site, but he allows visits from other Alien fans who get in touch with him through social media platforms. So if you’re in Barcelona and want to see the Alien apartment for yourself, you know how to get in touch with him.

The Nostromo Apartment

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