Alaska Airlines Just Delayed Their Flight For This Weird Reason

Alaska Airlines Delayed Their Flight For This Reason

If we are talking about natural phenomena, which ones do you think count as the most majestic and beautiful ones? We’ve got one for you; solar eclipse. It is one of the few experiences that are awe-inspiring and really amazing to look at. Now, we already know that something so amazing and peculiar can’t be happening all the time and that’s true; solar eclipse are rare. Thus it becomes a true sight to behold when it happens.Alaska Airlines Delayed Their Flight For This Reason 2

Alaska Airlines crew realized exactly that when they delayed the flight. The crew wanted to allow their passengers to have a chance of witnessing the majestic eclipse while they were in the sky. The efforts were fruitful and you can check out the amazing footage below. Do let us know what you think of it.


  1. T_xy Reply

    He should have said “Oh my God” and “Look at that” a few more times. The footage is not fully used.

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