Airspeeder Has Completed The First Test Of Its Electric Flying Racecar

Airspeeder has successfully tested the first unpiloted flight of its multicopter, Alauda Mk3 which is called electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL). The flight took place in Southern Australia. Although the flight was unpiloted, it was controlled remotely, and the overall operation was supervised by the Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority. This whole racecar concept is the brainchild of both Airspeed and Alauda Aeronautics who wish to design vehicles like this which are solely used for racing purposes.

It is said that the success of this operation will lead to further unpiloted flights without crew in the future as well. An example is that of the Grand Prix flight which will occur soon in 2021. This is a breakthrough in the racing industry. Such flights will set the precedent for further advancements in the industry and lead to more technological advancements in the arena. The experiments are safe as well because they are supervised by the State authority as mentioned above.

The specifications of this ‘flying’ racecar are massively commendable. It weighs around 130 kilograms without any crew or pilot and can reach 62 mph in impressive 2.8 seconds. It can climb to 500 meters. Mk3 has a battery that can be detached and reattached in 20 seconds by the crew. With one change of battery, it can fly from 15 to 20 minutes, creating an uninterrupted flight. This flight in kept uninterrupted because of the imaginary forcefield it is able to make because of the radar and lidar it has inside. The companies have tentatively declared that these racecars will be involved in racing contests by the end of this year with two pilots controlling each vehicle with the help of a remote control. The racing enthusiasts are eager for the actual event to occur as it is a new avenue in the field.

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