AirDog Is A Personal Drone That Records Memorable Moments Of Your Life

The AirDog

‘You will not believe what I pulled off yesterday when’, ‘do you have a video footage of it?’ ‘, but it really happened’, ‘Sorry mate, I don’t believe you!’. This is something that most of us have gone through; while trying to make our friends believe that we sure did execute something extraordinary while no one was watching. Sounds like either we all need new more believing friends or this particular gadget that will record everything that you do.The AirDog 6

Say hello to the AirDog, which is a tiny quadcopter drone that has been designed for the sole purpose of following you around and recording all the awesome things that you do by employing a GoPro camera. The gadget locates you thanks to the wearable tech that you need to wear on the wrist and works as an electronic leash that will tell the AirDog where you are at and it will fly over to the location and shoot your video.The AirDog 5

The camera has been incorporated into a gimball mount that allows for 360 degrees rotation while allowing for tilting so that the best angles can be used while filming you. User can also adjust the drone’s height, distance from user and the mode of flying; does it fly in front of user or would you prefer it flies behind you.The AirDog 4

Now that we have read about what this gadget is capable of doing, the next question is of portability and this aspect has not been left unattended; you can fold the propeller arms in order to facilitate transportation. The body of AirDog is weather resistant and it is capable of surviving the extreme outdoor conditions while also sporting built in collision detection system that makes it capable of protecting itself whatever the situation might be.The AirDog 2 The AirDog 3

The gadget has been launched as a Kickstarter project and it will cost you $1,195 in order to secure a unit for yourself when it starts shipping this year in November, although this is not cheap but it still is quite less as compared to the cost of hiring an actual crew with a helicopter to film you.


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