Aircraft Took Off By Themselves After A Microburst Hit This Airport Tarmac. Watch The Dramatic Video

Airport Tarmac hit by microburst

We all have heard of tornados; but have you heard of a microburst? No? Well, don’t worry you are not the only one who doesn’t know about them.

Unlike a tornado, gusts of wind travelling downwards are called microbursts. While the tornados lift things up and toss them around, microbursts cause the things to move downwards or even push things away.


This Tarmac Was Hit By A Strong Gust Of Wind_Image 1
Image Source: sploid


This illustration depicts how the winds in a microburst travel:


This Tarmac Was Hit By A Strong Gust Of Wind_Image 0
Image Source: Wikipedia


When a microburst hit this tarmac, a traffic air controller captured the video with his cellphone.



Most probably, these planes were empty; though we are not entirely sure if having someone aboard the aircraft would have helped.

The wind speed can go as high as 170 mph during the microbursts and can cause pilots to lose control of their aeroplanes. Let’s just hope that the planes swept away by the microburst landed somewhere safe without hurting anyone.

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