Airbus Unveils The World’s First Transparent Airplane

Transparent ball point pens and swimming pools are something that we have known about but a transparent plane? That’s like taking things too far, right? Not for the scientists who have come up with a prototype of this seemingly too futuristic to be real plane. No doubt that there are maybe years before the actual aircraft soars high into the sky, however the idea sure is thrilling and adrenaline-inducing.

The design looks mesmerizingly futuristic and it would be really a thrill to scale the aeronautical miles on a plane that is see-through. A lot of thrill-seeking folks can hardly wait to get their hands on the tickets to this amazing flight. The walls of this futuristic aircraft will offer in-flight entertainment along with changing colors in response to the sunlight and body heat of passengers.

The aircraft will also feature pop-up games and shall feature many new technologies in flight entertainment. The plane is slated to be environment-friendly since it’s structure will be made from plant materials. This bionic structure of the aircraft will render it light-weight and thus cost effective when it comes to fuel consumption.

The membranes will be able to come translucent or transparent on the touch of a button and based upon user’s preference. The Airbus will basically be a virtual chameleon for everyone who wants to travel in style!

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