Airbus Has Won A Contract For The Most Advanced Satellite In This Region

Airbus Defence and Space has revealed that it has agreed to build Angeo-1, the first high-performance Angolan Earth observation satellite, in France, bolstering the partnership between the two countries.

Jean-Marc Nasr, Head of Space Systems at Airbus, stated that he is honored to support Angola’s ambitious space initiatives, adding that “Space supports life on Earth.” Airbus has already provided satellite imagery to Angola for various applications, including land use mapping, agriculture monitoring, and maritime surveillance, as well as its telecommunications satellite, Angosat-2.

Angeo-1, an Airbus S250 optical satellite, will draw on Airbus’s extensive experience in developing dependable space systems over 30 years. Once in operation, it will be the most sophisticated satellite in its category in the region, cementing Angola’s position as a leading space power. In addition, the satellite will assist in various strategic endeavors, including urban planning and managing valuable mineral resources.

Sovereign access to satellite imagery will improve infrastructure growth, natural resource mapping, and maritime surveillance, including fisheries, agriculture, and population. Additionally, it will provide a better understanding of the origin and effects of climate change on the economy, such as monitoring droughts, rising sea levels, and water resources.

The Angeo-1 project is a significant step for Angola in establishing itself as a leading space power in the region. Airbus’s extensive experience in developing dependable space systems over 30 years will ensure that Angeo-1 is the most advanced satellite in its class, providing crucial data for a range of applications, including monitoring climate change’s effects on the economy.

The training program offered to Angolan engineers will further enhance the country’s capabilities and will be instrumental in transferring skills, knowledge, and technology. Overall, this partnership will significantly benefit Angola and further strengthen the bond between Airbus and Angola.

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