Air2Nitrous Is A New Gadget That Can Cut Vehicle Exhaust Gases By 90 Percent


Electric cars might be the future of automobiles, but we are probably stuck with combustion engines for a decade at least.The emissions from their exhausts pose a grave threat to the stability of the natural ecosystem. Reduction of these emissions poses a serious challenge for engineers because combustion of fuel at this speed will always result in these exhaust gases. Keeping this factor in mind, it is insane to hear that the new Air2Nitrous device claims to reduce these harmful extra exhaust gases by 90 percent! It also claims to reduce fuel cost by an impressive 20 percent.

The team behind the Air2Nitrous believes that it is a first phase of such devices that can control the harmful gases coming from the pipe. It is called so because it works before and during the combustion process. There are various emissions being released into their air mostly derived from Nitrogen. It cuts these emissions by reducing the number of Nitrogen molecules and increasing the number of Oxygen molecules.

First the air passes through the vehicle’s filter, and afterwards it passes directly into the converter ring of the Air2Nitrous device. The converter exposes filtered air to electrical discharges that convert it into Nitrous Oxide which is a good air/fuel mixture. Due to this bonding with Oxygen, less free Nitrogen is available to make harmful emissions like Nitric Oxide, NOx and even CO2 itself. More Oxygen as compared to Nitrogen results in much efficient burning of small particulate molecules of fuel that come mixed with this air.


In tests conducted on both automobiles and machinery operating on International Combustion (IC) engines, an increased fuel efficiency of 6-20 percent was observed in different cases. The device only takes half an hour to install by any mechanic. Immediate benefits of installation can be reaped and there is no apparent loss in engine performance at all which is a real plus point since other emission controllers tend to decrease the engine performance.

Due to the widespread nature of the IC engines in the industry, the company wants to introduce a wide range of devices for different kinds and sizes of engines. The Air2Nitrous was displayed at the Earth Day Fair organized by American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai last month. The unveiling was also the official launch of the promising converter as the company aims to manufacture the kits for commercial clients ranging from 1-9 MW power producers. But don’t worry, once the business has enough capital raised, it will also start making them for average auto users too.

The price starts from 1,200$ and may rise to 3,500$ depending on the size and power of the engine.

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