Air Force’s Secret Sixth-generation NGAD Fighter Jet Revealed

The United States Air Force has built and flown a new secret fighter jet under its next-generation air dominance program. The new sixth-generation fighter aircraft is shockingly built in under one year and will replace the F-22 Raptor in the coming times.

The surprising concept art of a fighter jet built under the air dominance program uses F1 style engineering, as per the details revealed till now.

The plane is a diamond-shaped large fighter jet with engine air intakes located at the fighter aircraft’s wings. Moreover, the sixth generation stealth-activated aircraft also comes equipped with two engines, and its two vertical stabilizers can fold into its wings.

“Designed to complement the F-35, F-22, joint, and partner forces in the Air Superiority role, Next Generation Air Dominance is an advanced aircraft program for the development of penetrating counter-air platforms with multi-domain awareness, agile resilient communications, and an integrated family of capabilities.”

Its one-year development program was made possible by using digital engineering technology. Developers used virtual models and simulation tools in completing the short-lived development span of the sixth-generation fighter jet.

The revealed image of the NGAD aircraft appears to be a fighter jet built for speed and stealth. However, it wasn’t easy to assess its size from the picture, but it surely would be big than the already in use F-22 Raptor.

The Air Force earlier specified that it wants a fighter jet with enhanced range and more space to carry more weapons than in other fighter jets in use. The new NGAD aircraft caters to all these Air Force demands. It remains uncertain if the revealed image represents the future sixth-generation fighter jet. However, soon things would be sure with its full reveal.

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