AIMS Is A System That Locks Down The School In Case Of An Attack

Shootings in schools are a tragedy but unfortunately, they do happen and are becoming a bit more common in the US.  Intrusion Technologies’ Active Intruder Mitigation System (AIMS) is a system that does not exactly stop the shooter but it can lock down the school to minimize casualties.

The AIMS is now in its fifth generation and can be installed in a school or a workplace as a stand-alone setup with its own cameras. It can also work in conjunction with an existing video security system and has a number of ways in which it can get triggered.

(Source: Digital Journal)

On-site users have the ability to trigger it by pressing a button on any of the several emergency activation stations. People at the on or off-site command centre viewing the feeds from the security cameras can also set it off if they feel it is needed or the system can be set to activate automatically at the sound of gunshots.

Now that AIMS has been triggered, what happens next is that the doors on appropriately0outfitted rooms will close automatically and will lock magnetically. This turns these rooms into effective safe rooms and an audio system provides verbal instruction to the occupants. These doors can’t be opened from the outside but can be manually overridden by the first responders.

(Source: KGB Security)

There are additionals sirens and flashing LED lights that let people all over the building know that it is time to get out. AIMS automatically notifies the police and provides them with the live video feed while sending notifications to the parents as well.

There is a high-end version of the system which can disperse a non-irritating fog in common areas in order to cause confusion for the attacker. You can check out the system in the video below:

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