This Beautiful House Just Won The Award For The Best Small House

aia award

Everything big is usually associated with the USA. Big cars, food, buildings, everything seems large there. However, with the Small Project Awards in 2018, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) has presented projects which, are created to give superb designs. The AIA Small Project Awards honours the small-projects which fall into one of the three categories. A small project which cost under US$150,000 or the one that measures under 500 sq ft.

Though $1.5 million doesn’t sound small, but the projects included are certainly on a smaller scale than usually seen in other awards. This year’s theme is Renewal and the idea is to have it sound pretty open. The upshot is that we are treated to a different range of projects which include Sonoma Residence, the minimalist prefabricated home with accompanying guest house, which was designed in collaboration with Apple’s Real Estate and Development Senior Design Director.

The little cabin displayed in the competition was made by an architect and his 11 years old daughter from the shell of a dilapidated tool shed. It functions as a bunkhouse for the 11 years old girl and a studio for her dad. When everything is faded away, it also works as a poker room for dad and friends. There were 11 really excellent projects honoured at this year’s AIA Small Project Awards which included a hardy off-grid home, an attractive pump house, a playground for kids and several other interesting projects.

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