AI Rewrites Game of Thrones Finale And It Is Better Than Original

AI Rewrites Game of Thrones For College Humor Team

How many of you were not satisfied with the finale of Game of Thrones? We are guessing that most of you are as angry as us with the way the finale to the era-defining TV show was handled. That is why when College Humor came up with an AI generated Games of Thrones finale; we were quite happy!

AI Rewrites Game of Thrones For College Humor Team

Game of Thrones made quite an impact with its impressive script that had the audience gasping and yearning for more. This was achieved thanks to a group of highly professional and qualified writers who worked hard. College Humor took a different approach to the matter; making use of artificial intelligence.

The scene of Game of Thrones from College Humor shows the actors performing the finale that was written by an artificial intelligence bot. The script and the stage directions both are hilarious. Take the following two examples;

AI Rewrites Game of Thrones For College Humor Team

‘Sansa gets closer to him and then takes out a large spear and pushes it into Jon’s stomach. He looks concerned.’ This has been given as a direction to the comedians. Furthermore, Brienne says the following line to Podrick, ‘Don’t let them see that you think them very pretty! A knight does what is wonderful.’

The clip from College Humor even features doppelgangers that are having tea with one another. The complete episode – if you want to call it an episode – is about four minutes and 27 seconds long. No detail has been provided about what sort of process was used for generating the AI-based script. Nonetheless, the video sure is a must watch for the fans of the show and anyone who wants to figure out just how far the AI has come and what it can achieve in terms of writing a script! Check out the video below!

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