AI Is Trending On Search Rankings – But Hasn’t Reached The Peak Hit By Bitcoin In 2017

AI is a technology that has been generating a lot of buzz lately, with its potential to transform industries and enhance our everyday lives. However, despite its increasing popularity, it seems that AI hasn’t quite reached the search rankings peak achieved by Bitcoin back in 2017.

According to Mark Schilsky, a tech specialist at Alliance Bernstein, the term “AI” is currently experiencing a surge in interest, as indicated by data from Google Trends. However, when compared to the immense hype surrounding Bitcoin in 2017, AI falls short.

Schilsky’s report includes a line chart that illustrates the search trends for “AI,” “metaverse,” and “Bitcoin.” These terms were identified as the most talked-about segments of the tech industry over the past five years. While AI shows a steady upward trend, it has yet to match the search frenzy generated by Bitcoin during its peak in 2017.

Maybe the varying success of AI and Bitcoin can be attributed to their relative ages. The phrase ‘artificial intelligence’ and the acronym ‘AI’ have stuck around since the 1950s, while Bitcoin is a fresh-faced concept that only recently rose to prominence.

So, why does AI take a backseat to Bitcoin in terms of search engine results? Well, part of it has to do with folks’ idea of the metaverse. Even though some people are starting to get hip to it, the majority still consider it something strictly related to gaming, and not that applicable in everyday life.

Despite it all, one thing’s certain – AI keeps on gaining traction. In fact, there’s a good chance that the searches for AI technologies will eventually outnumber those about Bitcoin. All things considered and regardless of how long it takes, it’s clear that Artificial Intelligence is a game-changer with implications that go way beyond what we can see today. We’d be wise to not underestimate its potential.

Although AI may not have reached the search rankings peak that Bitcoin achieved in 2017, its momentum and trajectory suggest that it will continue to gain attention and make significant strides in the years to come. As we witness the real-world advancements and advantages brought about by AI, its search popularity will inevitably catch up with the groundbreaking phenomenon that Bitcoin once was.

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