AI Has Already Generated 15 Billion Images, Something Human Photographers Took 150 Years To Do

In an era marked by fleeting seconds, the domain of digital art has encountered a seismic shift driven by the rapid ascent of AI-generated marvels. A recent analysis by Everypixel Journal, a dedicated AI blog, delved into the landscape of text-to-image algorithms that have dominated 2023.

This technological wave has led to thriving AI art communities across the digital expanse, fostering vibrant havens for artists to refine their craft, exchange insights, and craft mesmerizing visual tapestries. The digital landscape, from platforms like Reddit to Twitter and Discord, has birthed an effervescent innovation ecosystem, culminating in a staggering abundance of artistic expressions.

Among the stars of this revolution, the trailblazing DALL-E 2, a creation of OpenAI, set the stage when it debuted in April 2022. Astonishingly, users birthed a colossal 916 million images within just over a year, a testament to DALL-E 2’s meteoric rise and resounding acclaim.

Parallelly, Midjourney emerged as another luminary AI model, finding its zenith within Discord’s virtual realm. Debuting in July 2022, Midjourney has swiftly amassed an awe-inspiring collection of 964 million images, averaging a prodigious creation rate of 30 images per second.

The evolutionary trajectory extends further with Stable Diffusion, a brainchild of Stability AI. Over a year, this innovation has generated 690 million images, transcending official platforms to imbue the larger artistic milieu with its creative essence.

Amid this technological spectacle, the unveiling of Adobe Firefly in March 2023 emerged as a transformative moment for AI artistry. Integrating seamlessly with Adobe Photoshop, the premier graphic design software, Firefly propelled the art movement into an unprecedented epoch of momentum.

The creative prowess of Firefly rapidly manifested, evidenced by the emergence of over 100 million assets within a mere six weeks. An exponential surge in image generation ensued as Photoshop’s global community embraced the creative revolution. Adobe’s triumphant proclamation celebrated the achievement of crafting 1 billion images a mere three months after Firefly’s introduction.

Collectively, these AI-powered marvels have birthed a staggering inventory of over 15 billion images—an unfathomable tally that eclipses the entirety of Shutterstock’s visual content repository. To offer further perspective, this vast repository encompasses one-third of all photos uploaded to Instagram.

This digital renaissance, catalyzed by AI, has boldly redrawn the boundaries of creativity, democratizing its realization and expanding the artistic cosmos beyond human confines. Yet, the realm of AI artistry does not come devoid of challenges. The quest to gather precise and current AI image statistics confronts complexity, given the dynamic landscape of AI technology.

The swift evolution of models, platforms, and applications further complicates the endeavor to grasp the full scope of this phenomenon. Nonetheless, the commitment to maintaining accuracy amid these intricacies is evident as researchers persist in refining their comprehension of this ever-evolving narrative.

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