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AGENT Smartwatch – The World’s Most Advanced Smartwatch


Today’s world is all about smart gadgets, isn’t it? Smart phones, smart cars, smart TVs and what not! Today’s article is about a particular smartwatch which has taken care of so many frustrations associated with smartwatches.

Kicking off with the fact that smartwatches’ battery usually dies in a week and this is the most frustrating thing users have identified, designers decided to compromise with lower specs so that the end user may enjoy a longer battery life but we were left with only average or below average apps, very low connectivity and quite crude developing tools. This is where the AGENT Smartwatch comes in! The watch doesn’t compromise in performance and comes with quite amazing and effective integration of heavy duty developer tools, longer battery life and great apps while also  being able to carry out a two way communication with Smartphones.

We all know watches are more than mere gadgets to tell us the time; they are fashion accessories too. AGENT Smartwatch has been crafted by Secret Labs along with NYC watchmaker House of Horology and will go quite elegantly with all outfits.  The watch-face (consider it the wallpaper of your smartwatch) can be changed and other than the defaults available, you can also download much more via your Smartphone.

Tired of reaching for you Smartphone to see how the app you started is doing so far or when you have to change the song or browse for that particular song? Well, AGENT solves that for you as well. Using Bluetooth as the medium, AGENT will connect to your smartphone and will enable you to control the music library and will work as your wrist-based display for Smartphone and its apps. AGENT will let you know of incoming calls or messages and will even vibrate if you’ve left your Smartphone behind. It is compatible with iPhone 4S or newer, Android 2.3+ and Windows Phone 8. AGENT is capable of running downloadable apps and works quite well with a number of famous apps which include the exercise apps and door locks. AGENT while working in collaboration with your Smartphone can even keep you updated about things that are important for you (weather, location etc).

The Smartwatch comes with dual processor and utilizes as less than as 11% percent of the battery that last year’s design used to consume. To keep the main processor in sleep mode, a secondary processor has been added which takes care of routine work and this keeps the overall battery consumption low.

AGENT has made it possible for developers to monitor the power usage of the smartwatch and design apps accordingly so that they consume less battery. Also it runs a particular framework known as.NET Micro Framework making Smartwatch apps development very convenient. LCDs provide a good experience to the user but they are very power hungry, the other extreme is E-paper which is energy efficient like no other but it doesn’t allow animations. AGENT has made use of Sharp Memory Display (1.28”) which employs the combination of best features of both the displays mentioned above.

The best part is that AGENT can be charged via Qi charging. For those of you who are still unaware; it’s wireless charging. It can also be charged by a number of other Qi charging pads available in the market. The other features include light sensors and motion sensors which allow for the adjusting of screen brightness and to use the watch as a game controller. The watch also comes with recovery modes that prevent it from bricking while you’re updating it.

The design is important and therefore it comes with different colored straps to go with your outfit. AGENT watch will be available by the end of year 2013! Fingers crossed!

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