After Seeing This, You Will Sell Your House And Start Living In This Shipping Container


We have covered a number of architectural feats but this one definitely beats them all. It’s a contrast between nature and mankind and how much have we progressed since the Stone Age. Nowadays, all the modern houses come with quite a spectacular exterior as well.
oak-container6However, the home we are going to talk about today comes with a bit more than that. What do you think the shipping containers are being used for other than for shipping stuff? We will give you a hint; it has something to do with building houses.

oak-container7 oak-container5 oak-container4What you are looking at folks is a creation that comes from company known as Modulus which is making use of metal containers to create amazing structures while keeping it stylish and fully functional. These homes are located in Santa Cruz Mountains and the designer is David Fenster from Modulus who has recently created a house for a family that can quite easily be called a dream house because of how it looks and feels from the inside. Oh and yes, it has been built using shipping containers. The house is composed of shipping containers and marvelous interior designing.

oak-container3 oak-container2Contrary to the belief that man made stuff doesn’t really sit well with nature’s own looks; this particular house compliments its surroundings. The house is brightly lit and provides its residents with more than ample natural light. Six shipping containers have been used to build this house and the result is more than just spectacular. So you might want to consider moving in here. Jokes apart, this is a great  initiative towards greener living as shipping containers are being recycled and turned into something useful. Check out the video below for more details:

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  1. Thomas Mashur Reply

    Interesting ideas with the refurbished sea container turned into homes. If you could send me some floor plan drawing on those, it would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you.

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