African Student Builds A Humanoid Robot From Old TV Parts

African student robot from TV parts3

There will finally be a time when you are irritated by the presence of the big crate that was once our cathode ray television. Most of us take out the large magnet from these huge, obsolete Televisions and try to do some fun stuff with it. This Togolese student Sam Todo had some other ideas. Specifically, a humanoid robot from all those rusty parts. The result is such an example of raw awesomeness that we are left in awe at the magnificent creation. Here it is:

African student robot from TV parts2

The robot has entirely been made from old parts of a TV, and it has a fully functioning body. Sam is now trying to make him talk and avoid obstacles in its path. He has named the robot SAM10, and it has been made as a protocol droid just like C3PO from Star Wars. But much less of a complainer!

African student robot from TV parts4

Robotics is one of the mainstream areas of research nowadays. ¬†Billions of dollars are spent internationally, and it is now at the heart of today’s manufacturing industry. Sam’s nominal robot couldn’t possibly compete with any of that development. But he is rightly proud of something great he made in his garage.

African student robot from TV parts

At the moment, the robot can only walk in a straight line but Same explains how the functionality of the robot isn’t limited, and he can make it do several other stuff in the future. He also believes that his homemade robot could lighten further interest for the field of robotics and science in general. He wants more people in his team too!
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  1. Hey i am very much intrested in your project. Will you plz provide me all the information how to build it at home and all of its requirement.