Afghanistan Has Unveiled Their First ‘Indigenously Built’ Supercar – With A Toyota Corolla Engine

Taliban-ruled Afghanistan launched the Mada 9, their first indigenously manufactured supercar. However, the car is still in prototype form and took more than five years to develop.

A modified Toyota Corolla engine powers the Mada 9 prototype. Although performance data have yet to be released, Ghulam Haider Shahamat, the head of ATVI, said that the modification had been made in such a way that if the car’s speed is increased, the engine will be powerful enough to handle it. In addition, ENTOP will eventually equip the Mada 9 with an electric drivetrain.

At least 30 engineers from ENTOP and Kabul’s Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute (ATVI) led the development. The Mada 9 is powered by a modified Toyota Corolla engine.

While displaying the supercar at the ENTOP headquarters, Taliban’s Higher Education Minister, Abdul Baqi Haqqani, remarked how the car was going to prove the Taliban regime’s dedication to delivering ‘religion and modern sciences for its people.’

Furthermore, the CEO of the automobile maker ENTOP, Mohammad Riza Ahmadi, said that the supercar would “convey the value of knowledge to the people,” which will strengthen Afghanistan’s global image.

The Mazda 9’s performance data and release date have yet to be revealed. However, Riza has claimed that the car will begin its journey in Afghanistan and “one day go international.”

The Mada 9 has already been put through tests. However, images or videos of the car being tested is currently unavailable. A Taliban representative shared these photographs on social media, claiming that the car’s construction was an “honor” for the country.

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