Lockheed Martin And Aerion Join Hands To Create The World’s First Supersonic Jet

A number of key players have their sights set on supersonic passenger jets. Aerion and Lockheed Martin are planning to go even one step further and target those who consider first-class commercial air travel unfulfilling their standards.

Aerion has been working on the supersonic jet, AS2, for a number of years now and collaborated with Airbus in the past for the aerodynamic and structural design. It then worked with GE Aviation for the development of a supersonic engine. Now, the latest announcement is an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Lockheed Martin to work together on all the future phases from engineering to production.

(Source: New Atlas)

“Following our initial review of Aerion’s aerodynamic technology, our conclusion is that the Aerion AS2 concept warrants the further investment of our time and resources,” says Orlando Carvalho, Executive Vice President for Lockheed Martin. “We are committed to remaining on the cutting edge of aerospace technology and are excited to examine the contribution we might make to working with Aerion on making aviation history.”

 Aerion has been constantly improving its plan over the years. It announced a three-engine configuration back in 2014 and has improved on the design with two forward outboard engines under the wings, leaving the third engine in the tail.

(Source: New Atlas)
The company believes that the supersonic jet will be ready for the first flight by 2023 but other companies are planning to dominate the skies well before that. Earlier this year, Spike Aerospace tested out the unmanned SX-1.2 prototype demonstrator that is a subscale version of its planned S-512 supersonic passenger plane. The successful tests come ahead of a projected flight date for a full-scale S-512 in 2021.
(Source: New Atlas)
Lockheed Martin is also helping NASA with their designs for a supersonic passenger plane which is aiming for flight tests in 2021. Lockheed Martin’s experience with supersonic engineering is a huge boost for Aerion and the next few years will be really crucial to the development of the supersonic jet.

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