NASA Is Now Allowing You To Adopt A Piece Of Earth

This Earth Day, NASA arranged a grander party, besides the usual practice of shutting down the unused electrical appliances. NASA allowed us to show our love for the planet Earth by adopting a piece of Earth associated with our name! “Adopt the Planet” campaign was launched to allow anyone to virtually adopt a location, as seen from the space.

NASA has sectioned off the entire earth into 64,000 individual pieces, which is approximately 55 miles wide and assigned these pieces to everyone randomly.

Though you won’t get any legal or property rights of the location, you would certainly get some bragging rights and a chance to flaunt your very own virtual piece of land.
Image Credits: NASA

Once you’ve adopted a location, NASA’s site allows you to view data from NASA satellites that includes pretty awesome information, like cloud height, sea surface temperature, humidity, and even chlorophyll levels.

You can also zoom into your adopted location to see it carefully. After all, it belongs to you now! You can scroll through the rest of the map as well, to try out these features with any place on the planet. The real motive behind the idea is to encourage the sense of ownership and care for our planet, which is certainly lacking, as apparent from its dismal climatic conditions.

What are you waiting for? Visit the link now!

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