Adidas Futurecraft Is The World’s First 3D Printed Running Shoe

3-D printed sports shoe

Although most of the 3D printed goods are novelty, the concept of a 3D printed shoe isn’t. It is common knowledge that shoes are made keeping in mind standard sizes of people living in that area. But, people have different size requirements including width, toe size, weight and comfort. Many are forced to wear these standard shoe sizes when the shoes are extra loose, tight uncomfortable at certain points. Conventional manufacturing methods aren’t suited for this kind of customizability as dyes of all these variations cannot be made in a mass production assembly line.

3-D printed sports shoe2

3D printing technology, on the other hand, is the only process that is currently capable of making shoes for the exact requirements of somebody’s feet from toes to the cushioning effect required. Athletes are one of those people who need perfect fitting shoes for their strenuous exercises and gaining a┬ácompetitive edge over other professionals. Adidas was the first to grab the opportunity and roll out it 3D printed prototype of first running shoe with 3D printed midsole named Adidas Futurecraft.

3-D printed sports shoe3

3-D printed sports shoe5

This 3-D printed shoe is Adidas’s dream of having a futuristic shop where shoes can be manufactured and sold to the client in the retail center itself and right up to the specifications. It matches exactly your footprint elements and give you much needed size-based comfort. In the future, it might become a company’s competitive edge over others to do this kind of thing as well. But, it is still early to say what this shoe will become in the future.

Watch the video here from Adidas and enjoy it as a concept!

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