A Thai Company Is Selling This Ghost Repelling Device For $1,500


Ridiculous for some, but there is a thing like a “Ghost Repelling Device” in the world. And if you have been binge watching Ghostbusters and some horror movies, this might even seem to be a much needed device! Believe it or not, but a Thailand based company called Boondee Workshop has created a nifty wooden box and are selling it as a ghost repelling device for a whopping $1,500 plus $140 for U.S. shipping.

And before you say that this is just one of those hit and miss products, the Trisaksri Ghost Repellent actually came to the market back in 2009. Fast forward seven years, and they still are in business and have just launched a “new and improved” version of their device called Trisakri 2.0

Pic Credits: Boondee Workshop

The device is apparently too “supernatural” to understand for anyone, but the comapny claims it has the ability to scan homes using infrared camera and Electromagnetic Field meters for any unwanted spirits and then drives them away using a radio wave blast, referred to as “WAVE KILLER”. This radio energy is created by a wave killer engine inside the Trisakri.

The first ghost killer model had a voltage ratings of 110 and 220 volts, while the new one is only available at 220V. It seems as though the company has concluded after rigourous testing and scientific research that ghosts can only be driven away by 220V. 

Pic Credits: Boondee Workshop

Does the Trisakri Ghost Repellent actually work, though? We couldn’t find any information on the Boondee Workshop’s website on how it works, nor could we figure out any customer testimonials. Mysterious Universe suggests that “at only 2.9 kg (6.4 lb), it’s light enough to throw at the entity as an alternative way to scare it off.” 

Spending $1,500 plus shipping on this “gadget” would be crazy for some, but for people who actually have had problems with “ghosts”, the price might seem a bargain.

Pic Credits: Boondee Workshop

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