A Tesla Insider Has Leaked The Specifications Of The Cybertruck

As the Cybertruck Delivery Event approaches, the fervor surrounding this groundbreaking electric pickup is at its peak. Despite numerous prototype views, key details, like power output, remained a mystery until a close-up image of the Cybertruck’s power outlets surfaced, likely the first of its kind.

The Tesla Cybertruck boasts three power outlets: two 110-volt and one 220-volt, arranged with the 110V outlets above the 220V outlet on the left side of the bed wall. The 220V outlet, following a NEMA 14–50 socket design, promises extensive functionality, including potential home Tesla charging using the Tesla Wall Charger.

These outlets feature a concealment cover and a sturdy, bulky metal latch or tie-down hook, presumably used to access the outlets when needed. The photo was leaked by the YouTube channel @TFLEV, sourced from an insider within Tesla.

Elon Musk, in early tweets discussing the Tesla pickup truck, hinted at its power outlets enabling fieldwork with high-power tools without the need for an external generator. The 2018 tweet foreshadowed the truck’s capabilities well before its public unveiling.

“Pickup truck will have power outlets allowing the use of heavy-duty 240V, high power tools in the field all day. No generator needed,” he tweeted back in 2018 when the Cybertruck wasn’t even unveiled to the public.

While the 220-volt outlet might bear a 2 kW label, this remains unconfirmed. Enthusiasts and reservation holders see these power outlets as a significant advantage, with one Tesla owner even expressing plans to power their entire home with the Cybertruck.

Anticipation is high for the potential applications of these outlets as customer deliveries are less than three weeks away. The revelation of these features has stirred significant excitement, marking the Cybertruck as not only an innovative electric vehicle but a multifunctional tool for diverse uses, further amplifying its appeal among enthusiasts and potential users.

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