A SMS Can Hack Your iPhone If You Don’t Update Now


Your iPhone security might be in grave danger courtesy a massive security lapse in Apple’s iOS. If you didn’t know about this, leave everything and update your iPhone to the latest iOS 9.3.5 right now! For what we know, your messages, videos, photos, etc. are being tracked right now due to a flaw that has rendered almost every iPhone unsafe.

The new OS version 9.3.5 update hopes to cover the vulnerability, where your iPhone becomes susceptible to hackers via a simple text message.

Pic Credits: recomhub
Pic Credits: recomhub

A report published by analytics firm MixPanel suggests that around 86 percent of iPhone users are still vulnerable to Pegasus, as they are yet to update their phone to the latest version.

The malicious tool called Pegasus is known to be impossible to detect. It makes your handset utterly helpless and at the mercy of the attacker, who can control the device using spying tools. The threat is so severe that it can be used to control and toggle iPhone’s camera, microphone, GPS to track the user’s movements and also can log all messages on the phone.

Pic Credits: imore
Pic Credits: imore

The flaw has been named as “Trident” because it used three zero-day vulnerabilities previously unknown to Apple. Soon after the disclosure of the flaw, the Cupertino company was quick to issue an update to iOS with version 9.3.5.

So if you have an iPhone, or someone close to you does; make sure that this news reaches him/her as soon as possible!

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