A Private Firm In US Plans To Fire Darts Into Mars Surface To Ascertain If There Is Life

Exolance project

Here’s the question that we all have been hearing a lot and the answer to which will change how we live; Is there life on Mars? Many exploration missions have been sent and the Red Planet is being scrutinized. Explore Mars, Inc. is a private organization that is made up of engineers who used to work at NASA and they are investigating if there is life on Mars  in a very unique manner; supersonic lances shall be lanced into the Red Planet and then sub-strata analysis shall be carried out to draw conclusions.
ExoLance Explore Mars
ExoLance Explore Mars2

Why this approach? Because the team believes that there’s possibility of life under the barren hard strata that is exposed to more than enough UV radiation and hopes to come up with something positive when those supersonic lances pierce into the harder strata.ExoLance Explore Mars3

In a way, ExoLance, is the continuation of where the Viking missions left off back in 1970 with somewhat different methodology, an improved technology that makes use of in-depth analysis instead of relying upon the geology like NASA to ascertain if there is life on Mars. ExoLance will employ the technology that was developed for the Curiosity rover and shall deploy a delivery system that shall be based upon the US Air Force’s bunker-buster weapons.

Once the shell makes it to Mars, Quiver, the delivery vehicle, will hover and shoot the penetrating probes towards the ground. These penetrators shall be called Arrows and are going to be small and lightweight being inspired from the bunker-buster bombs that were created back in 1991 Gulf War. Upon impact, they will split in 2 parts with the tail being left on the ground whereas the nose shall dive somewhat 5 m under the ground and then will send the data back to tail. The experiment will not only be able to ascertain if there’s life but shall also contribute towards the origin of the life.ExoLance Explore Mars4

This all is going to be possible if the Indigogo funding goes well. The first phase will be about testing out this technology in Mojave Desert in order to find out if there are any glitches and to fix them. The phase 2 will involve developing experiments and taking the product to NASA or other companies that will put it in space.

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