A New Submarine Museum Is Opening Up In China


Unique and new ways of attracting tourists and creating new landmarks for the area have become quite popular. Governments and authorities are investing profusely in the tourism sector as it has become one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. New attractions are being made everywhere and they have the tendency to develop intrigue among people. As a result, they become an attraction for people who visit.

Similarly, China has always been a place for tourist attractions. They have unique and different ideas of entertainment and leisure when compared to the world. This is why it is a hot region for tourism. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it focuses on keeping up the image and constantly improving the facilities for tourism.

Recently, after a famous international architecture competition, a Finland-based company has been awarded a project in China. the aim is to change an old dock into a submarine museum. This project will create an educating and culturally rich experience with a historical touch.

This museum is similar to the concept that was seen in Maritime Museum in Denmark. It also forms a path for the visitors to move from the museum towards the submarine which is a decommissioned Ming class submarine once operated by the PLA Navy. The dock will be open for exploration, and it will be filled with water partially to enhance the experience.

The PES-Architects state that “The building forms a symbiosis with the submarine and hovers over the dock as a mysterious, intriguing object with fantastic views towards the river, the dock, and the submarine.” Glass, steel, and wood will be used in the design of this museum. All three of them together make up an elegant outlook.

The construction of the museum will be completed in two phases. First, one will be done by the end of 2022 while the second will be completed in 2023.


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