This Mysterious “Space Capsule” Found In Arizona Desert Has Bewildered NASA Scientists

space capsule

Was this a capsule from the future trying to warn us of the Armageddon brought upon the world by an orange monster? Or was it a piece of some broken Iron Man suit?  The reality may not be as awesome as our expectations were, but one thing is for sure – the presence of this mysterious capsule right in the middle of a desert was as mysterious to the NASA scientists as it is to us.

Local police were instructed to investigate the matter, and they discovered a silver metal drum attached to a parachute in Casa Grande, Arizona, according to ABC 15. The strange object was found on the side of the highway unattended, with the words “United States” and “Capt. J. Millard” marked along with an American flag.

On Monday morning, the officials from the Arizona Department of Public Safety finally spoke out on the matter. The capsule turned out to be just a piece of life-like art, which consisted of a cement truck drum and a parachute.

ABC 15’s prudent journalists managed to track down the man whose name was carved on the capsule. Jack Millard revealed that he had been living near the highway and was creating such artifacts for over 30 years. Along with the capsule, some other random objects like concrete teepees and dinosaurs were also found, as USA Today reports.

“I think its going to be known as the ‘Casa Grande Capsule,” Millard told USA Today, adding that he created the so-called capsule out of a cement mixer from an abandoned concrete truck nearby. The cement mixer was abandoned there for 30 years just rusting in the field,” he said.

Millard claims that the idea came to him as he drove past a metal mixer sitting on the roadside and wondered how a space capsule would look somewhat similar. After that, he took the help of another artist, Ren Eide, and they created an object using a cargo parachute from a military surplus store that would look like it has fallen from space.

While they managed to fool many people into thinking this was something real; they say the most important thing is that people enjoyed guessing what the piece of art was in real.

“If they enjoy it, that’s great,” Millard told USA Today. “We live in such a cynical, jaded world. If it distracts them for a moment, that’s a wonderful thing.”

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