A Mysterious Monolith Has Appeared In The Nevada Desert

A mystery monolith that surfaced in the Nevada desert over the weekend sparked a lot of curiosity and conjecture. The Las Vegas Police Department discovered the structure for the first time while conducting a search and rescue operation north of the Las Vegas Valley. With images of the monolith, the police wrote on social media, “We see a lot of weird things, but check this out!”

The towering, rectangular, reflective building was found around one hour north of Las Vegas, close to Gass Peak, a well-liked hiking destination. The police department posted a question on social media, “HOW did it get up there?,” after seeing the monolith tucked in some rough terrain in the photos they provided.

This monolith bears a striking resemblance to others that appeared around the globe in 2020. The sudden appearance of these structures has puzzled observers, evoking scenes from the classic 1968 film by Stanley Kubrick— 2001: A Space Odyssey. In the movie, enigmatic black monoliths created by an unseen alien species have significant mysterious implications; similarly, the allure and mystique surrounding these real-world monoliths are heightened by their unexplained presence on Earth.

There are such similar monoliths that have been discovered in different areas; one being the Utah desert where it was discovered by a helicopter pilot in November 2020. Other sightings took place around the same period in Romania, California, and an Isle of Wight located in the English Channel. Despite these international spotlights, no single person or group has come up to claim ownership for these structures— hence casting them into further obscurity, with regards to their birthplaces.

More recently, in March, another monolith was found on a hilltop in Wales. Observers noted that it appeared perfectly level but offered no clues about its origin.

While the mystery of the monoliths remains unsolved, Las Vegas authorities took the opportunity to remind hikers in the Nevada desert to be prepared for hot weather and to stay safe. The appearance of the monolith continues to captivate the public’s imagination, blending elements of art, mystery, and a touch of science fiction.

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