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A Group Of Vespas Racing On A Rain-Soaked Circuit Is The Video You Need To Watch Today

If you’ve never seen Vespas engage in intense skirmishes on a damp track in the rain, you’re missing out. This video was released in the later months of 2020 by SIP Scooter Shop.

The video depicts the third and final race of the 2020 European Scooter Championship (yeah, there is such a thing). The season was cut short this year as the world dealt with the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak. The campaign was held at Falkenstein’s Harz-Ring racetrack. The temperature was a cool 59 degrees Fahrenheit that day, with on-track combat taking place in severe rain.

The video also introduces us to a few of the track’s characters. We encounter Robert Leibfahrt Racing in Class 4. Scooters from the Italian manufacturer with roughly 26 to 27 horsepower compete in the Parmakit Uniform Class, flying around the track. Sarah and Inga also drive in the lower grades (K5 and K6). The ESC provides a variety of courses, some of which are more serious while others are more beginner-friendly.

Each class had three races, with Leibfahrt taking two wins and a second place. That was good enough to win the 2020 Class 4 Championship. Valentino Randazzo won the K5 class, which had the most competitors.

Three races were held per class, with Leibfahrt storming home with two wins and a second place. That was enough to earn him the 2020 Class 4 championship. K5 honors were claimed by Valentino Randazzo in the class with the most competitors. Class 4 competitor Albert Heigold set the fastest lap of the day with a solid 1:06. For comparison, the fastest motorcycle lap recorded online for the compact circuit is 54.83 seconds.

It’s easy to see the appeal of scooter racing. The machines are cheaper than large motorcycles and much easier to transport to the race track. They make racing more accessible, and it’s clear everyone involved is having a good time. It’s safe to say that it’s worth considering what antics you could pull off with a few mopeds at your local karting track.

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