A Glitch Is Causing iPhone Alarms To Go Off At 9:25am Every Day

The dreaded sound of the morning alarm is a universal annoyance, but for British TikToker Angele Sofia, it has become an eerie daily ritual. Sofia claims to be ‘haunted’ by an unexplained glitch causing her iPhone to sound an alarm at 9:25 every morning, a time she has not set nor desires. In a series of TikTok videos, she pleads for help with this strange and persistent issue.

In her initial video, Sofia expresses her concern, jokingly speculating that the alarm could be a grim prediction of her death. Despite the lighthearted tone, the issue has struck a chord with viewers, garnering over 780,000 views in just five days.

The glitch reportedly began four or five years ago, persisting through multiple iPhone transfers. Even after obtaining a new device, the haunting 9:25 alarm follows, complicating Sofia’s attempts to find a solution.

Desperate for answers, Sofia turns to TikTok after Apple employees fail to diagnose the issue. Viewers flooded the comments with suggestions, with many pointing to the Health app as the potential culprit. However, Sofia’s attempt to locate the alarm in the Health app proved futile.

Various recommendations were made, including resetting the Settings app and deleting the Clock app. Despite her exhaustive efforts, none of these suggestions provided a remedy for the mysterious glitch. In a recent video, Sofia expresses her frustration, stating, “I genuinely think at this point there’s nothing I can do. I’ve deleted everything people say it could come from, and I’ve rebooted my phone. I think it might just be time to retire.”

As the TikTok saga unfolds, users await a resolution to this peculiar iPhone glitch. MailOnline has reportedly reached out to Apple for comment on the issue, leaving the online community curious about whether the tech giant will offer a solution to end Sofia’s daily 9:25AM alarm woes.

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