A Doghouse Hit By A Meteor That Nearly Killed The Resident German Shephard Is Going Up For Auction

Christie’s, the auction house generally associated with listings of dazzling gems and works of creative arts, has a small doghouse with an 18cm hole ripped carelessly in the roof.

Roky, a Costa Rican German shepherd, owned the doghouse. On the night of April 23, 2019, the no-frills shelter was damaged.

As stated in the sale listing: “A shower of unique stone meteorites containing organic compounds burst into his doghouse, almost missing him. The official coordinates of Roky’s house, 10°24’9.35″N 84°21’51.26″W, are now in the scientific record.”

A damaged modest doghouse sits atop a astroturf-covered display base in a large plain room.

Since then, the 1.4m-high doghouse has been removed from the rainforest and put on an astroturf-covered exhibition platform equipped with a dog container.

“The meteorite impact demolished a badly weathered pressed-wood floor, and the rotted wood support columns have been replaced,” the auction house said.

An 18cm hole is visible in a rusted corrugated tin section of roofing

The meteorite was named Aguas Zarcas after the closest city, as is customary when naming has fallen extraterrestrial masses of stone or metal.

“[Such meteorites] contain not only tens of thousands of prebiotics, including amino acids but also pre-solar grains ranging up to twice the age of the solar system,” Christie’s said.

Three people stand with a German shepherd in front of a doghouse with a hole in its roof. A man is holding up a shiny stone.

Such encounters with falling meteorites are uncommon. According to NASA, the first known human injury from a meteorite occurred in 1954, when Ann Hodges of Sylacauga, Alabama, was “severely bruised by a 3.6-kilogram stony meteorite that crashed through her roof in November 1954.”

The most recent of 16 bids for the doghouse was $US1,600 ($2,232), but with eight days left and the auction house expecting a price tag between $US200,000 and $US300,000, the final bid is anyone’s guess.

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