A Doctor Just Issued A Warning About Using Your Phone While On The Toilet

The article delves into a doctor’s cautionary message about the adverse effects of extended toilet sessions. Dr. Joseph Salhab, renowned as The Stomach Doc, emphasizes the potential health risks associated with lingering too long on the toilet, notably the development of hemorrhoids—painful, swollen lumps around the rectal area.

Men, on average, dedicate approximately seven hours annually to toilet visits, often seeking solace and tranquility. However, Dr. Salhab highlights that this seemingly innocent habit could lead to more significant health concerns, extending beyond mere hygiene considerations.

To mitigate the risk of hemorrhoids, Dr. Salhab offers practical advice. He discourages excessive phone use during bathroom breaks and recommends the use of a stepping stool to elevate the feet, facilitating smoother stool passage.

Dietary adjustments are also recommended by Dr. Salhab to promote regular bowel movements and reduce the likelihood of hemorrhoids. He suggests incorporating fiber-rich foods into one’s diet, such as kiwi, dragon fruit, apples, pears, and prunes.

Additionally, the doctor mentions the benefits of Vitamin C and fiber supplements like psyllium husk, encouraging individuals to enhance their fiber intake. Staying well-hydrated by consuming plenty of water is emphasized as a vital component in tandem with a fiber-rich diet to promote optimal digestive health.

Social media users engaged with Dr. Salhab’s advice, expressing a range of responses. Some found humor in the situation, commenting on the challenges of adopting such practices in a fast-paced, technologically dominated society. Others shared personal anecdotes, with some expressing regret for not heeding such advice earlier.

In summary, the article sheds light on the potential health hazards linked to prolonged toilet use. Dr. Salhab’s recommendations advocate for simple lifestyle changes, including reducing phone usage, using a stepping stool, and adopting a diet rich in fiber and water.

The article seeks to strike a balance between a lighthearted tone and the provision of practical health tips, urging readers to prioritize well-being even during mundane activities like restroom breaks.

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