A Cybertruck With Camo Has Been Spotted In California

Cybertruck enthusiasts in California had a moment of excitement when they spotted a camouflaged test version of Tesla’s futuristic vehicle roaming the Bay Area tech hub. This sighting suggests that the highly anticipated Cybertruck is inching closer to its market debut.

One eagle-eyed observer even managed to catch a glimpse of the vehicle’s interior and reported that the test truck featured a conventional round steering wheel, contrary to the controversial ‘Yoke’ design that has divided Tesla fans.

The camouflage pattern adorning the vehicle is a departure from the shiny steel plating that fans have been eagerly awaiting since the Cybertruck’s unveiling in 2019. Elon Musk had previously announced that owners would have the option to wrap their $39,000 EV in any color or pattern, although the cost of this customization is yet to be revealed.

Test vehicles, often referred to as ‘mules,’ undergo real-world testing to assess performance indicators such as aerodynamics, drag, and cooling. However, these vehicles also attract attention from enthusiastic fans, curious onlookers, and automotive paparazzi before they are ready for the market. To avoid undue scrutiny, carmakers sometimes employ clever disguises, including foam pads and fake headlights, but a vehicle like the Cybertruck, which is nearing production, requires a more sophisticated camouflage.

A full-vehicle vinyl wrap with a confusing pattern is employed to obscure the Cybertruck’s shape, fooling digital cameras and the naked eye. This technique ensures that engineers can concentrate on fine-tuning the vehicle’s performance without revealing too much about its final design.

The frequency of Cybertruck sightings in recent months indicates that Tesla is making progress toward its launch. The company has reportedly communicated with parts suppliers about preparing for the production of 375,000 Cybertruck units per year under the project name ‘Everest.’ While Tesla has not provided an exact launch date, it has hinted at a delivery event around the end of the third quarter, possibly in September 2023.

After its initial unveiling in November 2019, the Cybertruck has faced several delays and undergone design refinements, including unique features like a single wiper blade. As the launch date approaches, it remains uncertain which design choices Tesla will settle on. Nevertheless, excited customers should keep their eyes peeled, as they might spot a test Cybertruck cruising the streets in the near future.

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