A Cybertruck Has Been Found Getting Towed Already

In the final countdown to the much-anticipated delivery of Tesla’s Cybertruck to buyers this week, the electric vehicle company is already making headlines, albeit not in the way one might expect. A peculiar scene unfolded in San Francisco as a test version of the Cybertruck was captured being towed through the city streets.

Images of the incident soon went viral on social media, inspiring individuals on Twitter and Reddit to share their opinions. The Cybertruck in question has the “RC” decal on it, indicating that it was a “release candidate” (basically, an earlier prototype that was put through testing). One interesting thing that was photographed was the parking ticket that was hidden inside the one large windshield wiper on the Cybertruck.

As onlookers zoomed in on the images, they discovered a line above the large letters revealing the vehicle’s identity as an “RC_Build Engineering Prototype.” However, what drew the most attention was the sheer size of the Cybertruck, measuring an alleged 18.6 feet. The vehicle’s colossal dimensions were highlighted as it was towed through the city, noticeably larger than the standard pickup truck towing it.

Amid the humor sparked by the sight of a futuristic, geometric behemoth navigating the urban landscape, users on the r/SanFrancisco subreddit jokingly remarked on the impracticality of parking such a massive vehicle in the city. Comparisons to the length of a giraffe and banter about the challenges of finding suitable parking spaces ensued.

While leaked specifications suggest the Cybertruck is indeed one of the longer trucks on the road, it’s still notably shorter than some existing models. Nevertheless, the Cybertruck’s imposing presence on the streets of San Francisco signals that these electric giants are now a tangible reality, and as they continue to be spotted, one can only imagine the amusing scenarios they might find themselves in. Whether it’s navigating tight urban spaces or receiving parking tickets, the Cybertruck’s journey from prototype to production is undeniably creating a buzz on and off the roads.

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