A Chirping Sound On Facebook Has Disturbed Millions Of Users – Here Is How You Can Stop It

For those vexed by the persistent chirping noise on Facebook, solace can be found in the fact that they’re not alone in their irritation. Recently, users have been baffled by an unexpected chirping sound while scrolling through their Facebook feeds.

Reports suggest that this chirping noise arrived with a recent update, intending to foster a more interactive environment. However, Meta’s Andy Stone clarified that it’s an unintended technical hiccup. Stone acknowledged the issue in a post on X, reassuring users with the statement, “Hearing a chirping noise while scrolling through your Facebook Feed on your iPhone? It’s not you, it’s us!” He further added, “And it’s an unfortunate technical error that we’re in the process of fixing.”

Fortunately, there’s a straightforward remedy to silence the chirping sound temporarily. Users can navigate to their Facebook app settings by tapping the three horizontal lines at the bottom right corner, proceeding to Settings & Privacy, tapping on Settings, and selecting Media. Under Media settings, users can toggle off the switch for In-App Sounds to bid farewell to the pesky chirping.

Apart from the chirping conundrum, Facebook users are also urged to review their settings regarding a new pop-up prompting them to manage their ‘link history.’ This feature aims to compile a list of websites visited within Facebook’s Mobile Browser over the past 30 days, facilitating easier access to recent links. However, privacy and ad personalization concerns arise with this browsing data collection.

Meta provides users with the option to control their link history settings. To enable or disable this feature, users must follow a few steps within the Facebook app. Users can access settings by tapping on any link within the app to open Facebook’s Mobile Browser by tapping the three dots in the bottom right corner and selecting ‘Go To Settings.’ Users can allow or disallow link history by toggling the respective options depending on their preference.

While the chirping sound on Facebook may have caused frustration, understanding the simple steps to silence it temporarily can provide relief. Additionally, staying informed about features like link history empowers users to manage their privacy preferences effectively within the platform.

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