A Bug In WhatsApp Let’s Your Blocked Contacts Text You


A bug in WhatsApp has allowed the blocked users to send messages to the users who have blocked them. The users are receiving messages from contacts whom they have blocked. The bug not only allows blocked contacts to send messages but can also view the display picture and status. It has affected both Android and iOS users.

People who don’t want to hear from their ex-partner or ex-best friend and have them blocked on WhatsApp are receiving messages from them. This has caused a lot of problems to the users. People are reacting to this critical bug in WhatsApp and have taken to popular social media platform like Twitter to share their concern.

The problem can be fixed by taking few simple steps. When you receive messages from an already blocked user, go to their chat. Access the contact information and click on Unblock contact. Then again click on the Block option to block them. This has solved issues on many devices. Hopefully, WhatsApp will also fix the bug very soon.

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