A Black Hole Has Been Spotted ‘Spaghettifying’ A Star

A massive black hole has been caught in a ‘spaghettifying’ action killing a star.

The natural phenomena taking place in space give us a chance to go in awe with mesmerizing images and clips every now and then, the massive black hole killing the star was surely one from the list.

The naturally occurring phenomenon included swallowing the star in its demise, something that black holes are known for, whatever comes in its way gets gobbled up instantly, no wonder the size.

The latest observation of a black hole swallowing a dying star brings along an image that is hard to ignore, hence termed “beyond mesmerizing.” over the web. The image demonstrates the black hole pulling on the star.

“The extreme gravity of the black hole pulls so much harder at one side of the star than at the other side that it rips the star apart. Astronomers like to call this process spaghettification, but in scientific publications, they reluctantly stick with the official term Tidal Disruption Event,” write SRON researchers in a posting about the relatively new phenomenon.

Death is an unlikeable phenomenon, and nothing changes when it comes to the death of a star. Star deaths have been termed violent in the past too, but spaghettification is on a whole other level. Scientists have given it this name because when the star gets sucked into the black hole, a long thin film, resembling a spaghetti is formed with the left-off debris.

The process is known to have taken place earlier too, however, scientists were not able to capture or illustrate is and we missed it. But luck was in their favor this time around and the rare action was caught in a mesmerizing image.

The animation shown below involves how the process looks like and saying that it is a mesmerizing sight is probably an understatement. The illustration shows the black hole’s gravity pulling strongly on the side of the dead star. Starting off, the force first rips the star and then pulls in all the debris, forming a giant spaghetti in space.

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