A Bizarre ‘Doorway’ Has Been Spotted On Mars In NASA Photos – And The Internet Is Exploding With Conspiracy Theories

NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover serving to explore our neighboring red planet has recently captured something intriguing.

While water had previously been the only proof of life on Mars, many people were surprised when the Curiosity rover obtained the hazy, black-and-white photographs that surfaced a few days ago, revealing a door-like structure etched into a rock face.

The NASA Curiosity Rover captured this image with  Mastcam (Mast Camera). It was deployed on Sol 3466. However, NASA has not provided any explanation for this sighting.

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While internet users claimed the entrance led to a secret base managed by extraterrestrials, scientists were unconvinced.

Comments poured in online and offline as soon as NASA released the photograph. Some think it’s a fake, while others think it’s a cleverly manipulated image.

One internet user went on to say that the image resembles the development of a gateway but that the walls surrounding it are undoubtedly man-made.

Another user claims that there are at least five Martians camouflaged in plain sight.


There is much debate about the origins of this “doorway” on Mars. But the explanation that stuck with logic the longest was that it was simply a natural rock formation.

“This is a very odd image.” But, in short, it looks to me to be natural erosion,” stated geologist Neil Hodgkinsin in an interview.

Researchers discovered that the door was only 3 feet tall, if there was one. This implies that, even if this was a door, the entities who used it were extremely little. In any case, authorities attributed this unusual occurrence to natural erosions.

Many users examined the “door” from various perspectives, and it seemed less mysterious.

This image’s release couldn’t have come at a better time. For the first time in five decades, the US Congress will convene a hearing on UFOs and extraterrestrial entities on Tuesday. All proceedings will be overseen by the US House Intelligence Committee’s subcommittees on counterproliferation, counter-terrorism, and counterintelligence.

In 2021, the United States government released a report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). The Director of National Intelligence included 144 UFO cases in the report. Only one of the instances, however, could be fully explained.

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